More than a QR Code
Promotes Safe Dining
No Expensive Hardware
Remove Costly POS System

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Streamline Ordering & Payments, Enhance Safety

You’re running your restaurant at partial capacity and working overtime to address new challenges to ensure staff and customer safety, while delivering an excellent customer experience. No Touch Orders helps to reduce the risk of spreading germs with touch-free ordering and payments, and our solution can help you eliminate your existing, costly-to-maintain POS system.

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More than a QR Code

Our unique, cloud-based software enables customers to dine safely by viewing, ordering and paying without ever touching a menu. And it integrates easily with your kitchen and bar, so staff can efficiently handle and fulfill orders.


Promote Safe Dining, Grow Profits

In today’s world, ensuring a safe dining experience is equally as important as what is on the menu. No Touch Orders helps increase ordering efficiency, reducing exposure to germs, and helps to increase customer confidence in your restaurant’s safety process.

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Delivery & To-Go Options

With our product, we can enable your venue to inexpensively provide pickup / delivery options for your hungry customers, while not impacting your venue's profit. Our goal is to provide venues with a cheap and effective way to satisfy their customers.


No Costly Hardware to Maintain

Imagine this—a safe and effective customer experience without the costly and time-consuming POS system, with no hardware to maintain. All that’s required is an affordable Wi-Fi printer and a kiosk.


How It Works

No Touch Orders can be customized for your application needs and restaurant layout.

Menu PDFs

A PDF menu can be accessed by scanning a QR code on the table or brought over by wait staff.

Self Ordering & Payment

A Maître d or hostess will assign the diners a table and generate a unique QR code for the group, enhancing secure payment processing.

Assisted Ordering & Payment

If a group is having difficulties, the wait staff can scan the unique QR code and enter in their credit card information.


Quick & Easy Setup

Setup No Touch Orders within 1-2 hours, with easy-to-follow video instructions. Setup is simple and customization is easy. If you need assistance at any point, our customer service hotline is here to help.

No Hidden Fees

No Touch Orders’ pricing is fully transparent. Customer support is included in the monthly subscription, and the one-time initial setup fee provides all the items you need to integrate orders with your kitchen, including a Wi-Fi printer and kiosk. Plus, you can eliminate your expensive and costly-to-maintain POS system.

Connect to Quickbooks

Catering to our restaurant clientele, No Touch Orders data is easily exportable to Quickbooks for your convenience.

Boost Profits with our Innovative Technology

Our cross browser feature optimizes the experience and recommends add-on purchases the customer may like. Based on existing customer experience, you can grow profits between 10 to 35 percent.


Cross Browser

Designed to be efficient, we provide an optimal experience for all customers that recommends add-on items encouraging the customer to purchase additional items.

Increased Conversions

No Touch Orders helps you capture more orders, leading to profit growth estimated between 10 to 25 percent.

Secure Payment

No Touch Orders safely and securely handle all transactions with the same technology used by industry leading companies, such as Target, Lyft, and Doordash.

Kiosks & Printers

Utilize the No Touch Orders’ kiosk to integrate any Wi-Fi printer with our platform. All orders will instantly be delivered to designated Wi-Fi printers in your kitchen or bar for fulfillment.

Order Online

To enhance safety, the only device your customers should be touching is their own. By implementing No Touch Orders' cloud-based POS system, your customers can use their smartphones to view menus, order online, and make secure payments.

Cater To Your Clients

Easy customize venue settings to cater to your clientele. Easily update or change menus to meet desires and expectations of your customers.

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